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广告 与「随机 」搜寻 结果 的差别

假设 你透过 Google线上广告平台 GoogleAds宣传 产品 或服务 ,那么 只要 有人 上谷歌搜索推广与你业务 相关 的字词 ,你的广告 可能 就会 出现 在Google搜寻 结果 网页 的顶端 或底部 ,并附上 广告 标签 。 

广告 的刊登 位置 主要 取决于 与使用者 搜寻 的关联性、对使用者 的实用性 、你的出价 ,以及 其他 几个 因素 。

网页 上另一部分 显示 的则是「随机 」搜寻 结果 。 

这些 是未付费 的网站 连结 ,内容 与使用者 搜寻 直接 相关 。 

网站 与搜寻 字词 越相关 ,连结 的排序 越前面 。 

你的相关网站会在这里 出现 ,但广告 不会 。

你的网站 准备好创造 业绩 了吗 ?

使用 线上 行销 能吸引 使用者 造访 网站 ,但你的网站 能鼓励 他们 进一步 与你往来 吗? 

让我们一起来看看 。

GoogleAds的运作 原理

当使用者 搜寻 与你产品 或服务 相关 的字词 ,或是 造访 与你业务 相关 的网站 时,你的广告 便有可能显示 。 

这是 如何 办到 的呢?

关键字 能建立 客户 与你的连结

关键字 是你 在制作 GoogleAds广告 活动 时所 选择 的字词 或词组 ,也就是潜在客户 搜寻 你的产品 或服务 时可能 会使用 的字词 。

使用者 搜寻 类似 字词 或造访 相关内容的网站 时,系统 就会 比对 你的关键字 和广告 ,如此一来广告 就有 可能 显示 。

举例来说,如果你 提供 鲜花配送 服务 ,就可以用「鲜花配送 」做为 「鲜花配送 」广告 的关键字 。 

只要 有人 在Google上搜寻 「鲜花配送 」等类似 字词 ,你的广告 就可能 会显示 在Google搜寻 结果 旁,或其他 与「鲜花配送 」相关 的网站 上。

立刻 开始 参与 广告 竞价

GoogleAds如何 决定 要放送 哪则广告 呢? 

每次 有人 在Google上搜寻 资讯 或造访 刊登 广告 的网站 ,系统 就会 迅速 进行 广告 竞价 。

GoogleAds会为参与 竞价 的每一则 广告 算出「广告 评级 」这项 分数 ,用来 决定 广告 的排名 以及 是否 符合 显示 资格 。 

一般来说 ,评级 最高 的广告 会获得 最高 排名 ,次高者 则排第二 ,以此类推 (广告 必须 达到 相关 门槛 )。 

广告 评级 牵涉 了五项 因素 :

广告 出价 :GoogleAds可根据 你设定 的出价 ,得知 你愿意 为每次 广告点击 支付 的最高 金额 。 

你实际 支付 的费用 通常 会比设定 的出价 低,而且 还能随时 变更 出价 。

广告 和到达 网页 的品质 :GoogleAds也会衡量 广告 和连结 网站 对使用者 的关联性与实用性 ,并以「品质 分数 」表示 广告 品质 的评估 结果 。 

你可以 在GoogleAds帐户 中查看 分数 并着手 改善 。

广告 评级 门槛 :GoogleAds设置 了最低 门槛 来确保 广告 品质 ,只有 达到 门槛 的广告 才能 显示 。

搜寻 发生 当下 的情境 :搜寻 情境 会影响 广告 竞价 结果 。 

计算广告 评级 时,系统 除了 会考量 使用者 搜寻 当时 的地理位置 与输入 的字词 、使用 的装置 类型 (例如 电脑 或行动 电话 ),也会考量 网页 上显示 的其他 广告 和搜寻 结果 ,以及 其他 使用者 信号 和属性 。

广告 额外 资讯 和其他 广告 格式 的预期 成效 :你可以 在制作 广告 时添加 补充 资讯 (例如 电话号码 或网站 特定 页面 的连结 ),这些 都称为 广告 额外 资讯 。 

GoogleAds会根据 你使用 的额外 资讯 和广告 格式 ,评估 可能 对广告 成效 造成 的影响 。

你最终 支付 的费用

如果你 使用 的是单次 点击 出价 ,则只有 当使用者 受到 吸引 并点击 广告 前往 你的网站 时,你才需要 付费 。 

此外 ,你可以 在GoogleAds中设定 愿意 为每次 点击 支付 的最高 金额 (又称 最高 单次 点击 出价 ),但实际 费用 可能 较低。

你可以 全权 控制 GoogleAds预算 ,决定 每天 想要 支出 的平均 金额 。 

广告 愈来愈 热门 后,GoogleAds可允许 平均 每日 预算 提高 最多两倍 ,你才不会 错过 有价值 的点击 。 

在这 一个月 内,谷歌 向你收取 的费用 绝不会 超过 平均 每日 预算 乘以 单月 平均 天数 (30 .4 )所得 的值,所以 你也不用担心 。

广告 活动 要是 在月中暂停 ,或是 没有 放送 满一整个 月,按平均 每日 预算 乘出的金额 与总费用 可能 会有出入。

如果你 的广告 活动 是按转换 付费 ,每日 支出 可能 会超出 平均 每日 预算 2倍以上 。

了解 GoogleAds的运作 方式 后,接着 来找出 最适合 你的做法 。



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"Swarovski is an Austrian manufacturer of glass headquartered in Wattens, Austria. Swarovski has in fact been a family-owned firm considering that it was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski.

The business is divided right into 3 significant industry places: the Swarovski Crystal Company, that mainly produces lead glass (branded crystal) jewelry as well as also tools; Swarovski Optik, which produces optical instruments such as telescopes, telescopic sights for rifles, as well as also area glasses; as well as Tyrolit, a producer of grinding, sawing, boring, as well as apparel devices, in addition to a supplier of devices and also devices.

Today, the Swarovski Crystal Company is just one of the greatest making business units within Swarovski, with a globally reach of around 3,000 shops in around 170 countries, greater than 29,000 workers, as well as additionally a revenues of concerning 2.7 billion euros (in 2018).


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The city of Ottawa is defined by its charm and also by the remarkable locations that you can discover to be sidetracked at all times. For youths, there are a variety of disturbances that they can make use of to the maximum. Grownups will additionally have the possibility to enjoy the Ottawa call for ladies completely.
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A Simple Guide to Requesting Female Escort Service

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Women companion services can benefit a wide range of people who visit different countries for various factors. There is some level of loneliness you reach experience when you are by yourself throughout the journey. As a guy, you can work with a women escort who will give you with the business you need and also fulfill your sexual requirements according to your agreement. The emergence of the net has made the process of finding escorts very easy. It has actually reduced the problem of strolling to clubs or different areas searching for one. You likewise reach preserve privacy when you search for escorts online. There are a number of websites where you can request escort solutions, relying on the area you are in.
You can obtain Minneapolas escorts easily on-line from the convenience of your house or anywhere you are. Observing care when seeking such solutions is essential. This is due to the fact that there are many platforms supplying such services, several of which are not so genuine. Cases of people obtaining defrauded or escorts getting bugged are an usual point in such a solution. Take your time to recognize the online reputation of the companion solution web site you intend to use. Experiencing different evaluation sites can assist you know whether the certain website is reliable. They have actually noted all the information you might need to know about them.
You can also review the remarks from people that have actually managed to make use of several of these platforms. Women companion services are fairly beneficial to those who intend to accomplish their libidos without dating or being in a partnership. The dedications that feature dating or being in a relationship are hectic for most people that have a hectic timetable or those that have actually had poor previous experiences. You need to employ a companion. The process is quite easy. Here is just how you ought to go about it.
Seek a Good Escort Website
The first thing to do is seek a companion service web site. If you are brand-new to this, then take your time to determine which one is the most effective. As stated earlier, you can experience different evaluation sites that will certainly assist you recognize the best companion solution internet site. This will certainly maintain you without fraudsters or falling in any type of problem.
Choose A Model
After logging into a particular companion website, you will see accounts of different designs. Experience these accounts to pick one that fits your choice. Read all their info to know their age and what they need to use. You should likewise experience their pictures to figure out whether they have the physical features you need. Hereafter, you can after that proceed to pick the design that has all that you require.
This is an essential part when requesting such a service. Once you have actually selected the best companion woman, you ought to proceed to call them. You can message or call due to the fact that the majority of their numbers are usually indicated below the profile. Try to be a bit polite due to the fact that this is a specialist solution. Inquire about the solutions they provide and the amount they bill for such. An outstanding escort service must keep all their communication channels open.
Settle on the Meeting Point
It is another essential variable when asking for such a service. You must settle on a meeting point you find comfortable. Many escorts favor premium hotels where their protection is assured, and they will certainly likewise enjoy some high-level comfort. Notify them on your specific location first, so that they can establish whether it appropriates. Taking into consideration all these will certainly ensure you have a smooth time requesting for this service.